Franka și Jens




Fotografii de 2A Image Studio

17 Apr 2022

Echipa de furnizori

Locatie de nunta

Sun Garden

Our location was the Sun Garden Golf & Spa Resort close to Cluj-Napoca and we defined a menu with them based on our preferences and a food testing. The Sun Garden combines a ball room with a high amount of available hotel rooms in very nice, calm and natural surrounding. Plus the place has an own chapel.


2A Image Studio

Our wedding planner recommended us Adrian Ilea from 2A Image Studio. Adi's pictures are great art and he made it easy for us to relax during the taking of the pictures. The results are speaking simply for themselves.


2A Image Studio

Alfred Denes from 2A Image Studio has shown the same attention to details and spontaneous clever ideas of how to include persons, emotions and objects on the spot. It will be a lifetime memory.

Rochie de mireasa

Iulia Sasu

Finding a lovely dress for a bride in 8th months pregnant in bridal stores was disappointing (they needed to be ordered from other countries, few options and no pregnancy fit available). Iulia was recommended by one of our Romanian friends. Iulia designed Franka in total 2 dresses in high quality and perfectly matching on her body and with so much creativity.

Jens decided also for 2 suits as we split our wedding on 2 days over a weekend. Both of his suits had a great fit and clever defined with many details exactly according his wishes. As surprise for Franka, he embroidered her name into the inner part of the jacket, but also his initials have been worked into. We enjoyed the fact that these suits have been made in Romania.

Hair stylist

Aliz Salanta

With recommendation from our wedding planner, Aliz pinned not just my hair but also the ones of friends, who passed by our hotel room and we spontaneously made it a joint preparation with lots of laughter and positive emotions.

Make up artist

Anca Groza

As recommendation of our wedding planner and with a long background in fashion industry, Anca transformed me easily into the best visual version of myself, while still appear natural and authentic.

Aranjamente florale

Florarie Non Stop Cluj-Napoca

A smaller flower shop, I would have most probably not found without the attention of our wedding planner. Ioana created great arrangement and Franka's bridal bouquets, which also still served many days after with our guests in our house.

Tort de nunta


Ionela's wedding cake tasting was so enjoyable and full of choices, that we need actually 2 testings to decide. Thanks God she didn’t mind it. Finally we decided for mono portions, but also the diverse candy-bar and all kinds of fruits have been presented from this small, private company.

Formatie nunta

VIBES live band

Our band and their performance turned our party into a concert. I would always recommend to consider a live band, it's just a totally different level. This team of 10 turned our wedding into a real party and concert. Our guests and us have been blown away by their performance and ability to liven up the vibe.

Our DJ Gabriel was partnering with the band and therefore well fitting with them.

Ansamblul Folcloric Studentesc "Martisorul" Ansamblul Folcloric Studentesc "Martisorul" performed traditional romanian dance and even included us as wedding couple with appropiate clothing into their show. Finally there was no holding back of everyones dancing, what is quite unusual for german wedding guests.

Candy bar


Invitatii de nunta

Daislers Print House

With help from pinterest and some wedding card providers we made our mind for all menu cards, name cards, seating plans, church booklet etc. and set them according our ideas in Daislers Print House. Also the final printing in all variants was running smooth and in great quality.